Monday, February 18, 2013

The body needs review

Hello everyone

Well my review for this blog is for the body needs. It is an online site that sells eyeshadow, blush, glitter and Mac samples. I love this company I have purchased a few products from them but they have also given me some samples of the pigments they make and the glitter. I love them! They have such an amazing color payout and they are so pigmented, last long and the even better thing is that they are super super cheap! I recommend this company!

Grandelash MD review

Hello dolls!

I am super super excited to write this blog post. This is a review on the company grande lash md.

Well they have blessed me with a sample of their lash formula and their mascara. I got the kit they sent me like a few days ago and I was just expecting some small samples but I was impressed with the package size and what I saw when I opened it. They gave me a beautiful little kit. It has a pink makeup bag with a bow, information packets on all their products, beautiful pink eyelash curlers, a full size mascara sample and a full sized lash formula. I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the stuff. I cannot wait to see the results of my lashes after using their product.

I am going to start using it today and I will write a review soon to talk about my experience. I definitely loved their customer service they were so sweet and helpful and were quick to respond.

Thank you so much Alicia grande and everyone else working at grande lash md! You guys are amazing.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dermalogica Product Review

Hello dolls!

So I have a review on Dermalogica. It is a skin care company, and I am honored to have received samples from them. They sent me a cute little envelope filled with some of their products for me to test out.

So I will post a picture of them and here goes my review. Well this company has very good customer service, they were sweet and responded to my questions and emails right away, they didn't give an attitude which is a plus and I would love to be an affiliate one day for their company.

Well I recently started using the daily microfoliant sample they sent and I have noticed a pretty big difference in my skin, it feels smoother and cleaner and I just love it! I'm thinking of getting e full sized bottles of their products.

All I have to say is definitely try out their products you won't regret it! They have awesome customer service. Thank you Dermalogica! :)