Friday, March 22, 2013

Hempz review

Hi dolls!

So I received a package with products from Hempz! I got so many goodies! I got body butters, moisturizers, lotion, bronzers, tanning lotions and hair products!

I love them! they smell so good, they're natural and they leave my body feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. I love the body butter and the volume shampoo/conditioner! I love any type of volume I can get in my hair and this shampoo/conditioner really does the job!

I am so glad I was able to receive products for review, they were so sweet about it. I especially want to thank Keisha Cole! She is the one who was emailing me back and who sent out the samples. Thank you Keisha for this amazing opportunity I really appreciate it and I love the products so much!

Clinical care skin solutions review

Hello dolls!

So I am very very pleased to be writing this review today! I received two starter kits from this company for my acne and I am in love with it! I found my new love<3

I have been breaking out so badly and I needed something to get rid of them fast well that's when this beautiful company came into my life and changed so much.

From the first use I honestly noticed and felt a difference in my skin. A big change was happening! I've been using it faithfully everyday twice a day like the instructions they gave me said and my acne is starting to disappear! I am so happy because they were such stubborn little pimples!

I want to thank Lauren MacDonald for sending me the samples and being such an amazing person and I want to thank everyone at clinical care and especially the founder of the company. You guys are truly the best, you have honestly changed my life because I was so self conscious about my acne and now, I am showing off my good results to all my friends and family and even clients in the salon and talking about your company! I am planning on flying out to Tulsa just to pay you guys a visit and buy products!

Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Product club review

Hey dolls I received a nice little package today in the mail. Well actually the box was huge lol. And inside was nice goodies for me!

I got quite a few things and I am so excited to try them out on my clients hair soon!

Here's what I received: 1) disposable vinyl gloves (2 packs)
2) disposable apron
3) disposable cape
4) disposable eyeglass guards
5) thermal color wraps
6) highlighting paper wraps
7) no slip embossed colored foil
8) box of 50 pre-cut silver foil sheets

I was not expecting so many samples! When I saw the box I was like woah! Did I order something and not remember? Well I love the products and can't wait to try them. I always see them at Sally's or in salons and now I can finally try the products!

Thank you product club! :)

Skyn Iceland review

Hello dolls!

So i was lucky enough to receive free samples from skyn Iceland and I am so happy to be reviewing about their products. They sent me really cute sample size jars with product and I actually don't have to use a lot for them to work. I love them so much!

They smell good, they leave my skin smooth, refreshed and just clean all together. I have been experiencing break outs lately so skin care products have been my friend. I love these and I can honestly say they're worth the price you get a good amount and the customer service at the company is out of this world outstanding they're so nice and even wrote me a thank you letter.

Guys go try their products you won't regret it!

Thank you skyn Iceland! :)

Free redken at ulta

Hello everyone

So ulta was giving away free samples of the new Redken, control addict 28 hold hairspray.

The little travel size bottle retails at 7.50 at their store but they were absolutely free while supplies last. I managed to pick up 2 luckily. :) I love love love this spray it really does the job and holds perfectly without making it feel all hard and nasty.

Must say I recommend this spray!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

DermOrganic review

Hello dolls! So I was recently given an amazing opportunity to try some products from a company called DermOrganic and let me tell you I love them! I two sample types, one for skin and the other for hair. The hair kit comes with daily conditioning shampoo, intensive hair repair masque, and a leave in treatment. The skin kit comes with soap less facial cleanser, facial moisturizer and hand and body moisture lotion.

Here is my review. I love the skin care products so much, the hand and body lotion works wonders it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and moisturized and not so chapped looking. I hate the winter because of the way it makes my hands look plus I wash hair a lot in the salon so my hands are always super dry. I would always use scented lotion which would irritate it more but this one works wonders! I've also used the facial cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean!

The hair products are phenomenal! The shampoo would have you thinking twice about if you're sure it's a shampoo and not a conditioner, it leaves the hair feeling so soft and shiny that you would think its a conditioner. The leave in treatment is like a Moroccan oil type of thing and it leaves my curly hair soft and manageable.

Another plus about the products, besides being amazing, is that they are vegan, cruelty free(no animal testing), oil free, paraben free, and pH balanced

Beauty lovers I definitely recommend this company! They're great and their customer service is amazing they're so sweet.

Thank you DermOrganic for the amazing opportunity. I am grateful for the chance to review your products. I will definitely tell all my friends and family and clients about your company.