Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Everyday Minerals Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event and review.

Hello loves!

So on October 26th, 2013 I was lucky enough to host a breast cancer awareness makeup/charity event. The party was sponsored by this amazing company called Everydayminerals.com
Let me start off by saying that I am so grateful for all they gave me for my party guests. They were also very helpful and sweet.

So pretty much they sent gift packs/sample packs for each guest. It had eyeshadows, a brush, blushes and face powder samples.  My guests loved it and couldn't stop talking about all the nice colors and how the makeup felt so good on their skin.

Well I know I am going to be someone who purchases regularly. The makeup is so pigmented and felt so great on the skin it didn't break anyone out and everyone who put makeup on looked flawless.

Everydayminerals.com is a company I keep telling everyone about because its just an amazing company. Great products, great customer service. Its a total package.
:) thank you everydayminerals.com

Here are a few pictures of how I decorated the bags and put everything together. More pictures coming soon:)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

September Samples

Hello dolls:)
So I am going to do many different blog posts this one is going to be of free samples I've received in the month of September going into October.

From Sample Source.com
1) tums chewy delights
2) tums freshers
3) colgate whitening toothpaste

From walmart.com
1) John Freida Frizz-Ease shampoo conditioner and smoothing creme sample
2) maybelline FitMe foundation foil pack

From sephora (in store freebie)
Let one of the employees use the new skin IQ on you to match you to your foundation and you get
1) free foundation sample
2) free moisturizer sample

From Bath and body works
1) free travel size amber blush spray

From Sallys Beauty supply
1) Brazilian technique keratin treatment with pequi oil

Stay tuned for an October sample post, a fall fashion post, October makeup looks post, a beauty swap and possibly a giveaway:)

Friday, September 6, 2013

The body needs haul

Hi dolls so I recently ordered from thebodyneeds2.com and I got my order in super super quick I wanna say it was within five days. Well I ordered stuff because I had received samples before from the company and immediately fell in love plus they have samples of mac lipsticks, pigments, etc. And when I ordered they had a 30% off coupon plus a clearance section:)

Here's what I ordered:
1) mac melon pigment sample
2) mac naked pigment sample
3) TBN shazam! Pigment
4) TBN jungle boogie pigment
5) TBN cherry me? Pigment
6) TBN pearl blue sky pigment
7) TBN sins of the strawberry pigment
8) TBN rock star glitter
9) TBN matte violet pigment
10) TBN Persian dreams glitter
11) TBN prosperity pigment
12) TBN clubbin glitter
13) TBN neon lime glitter
14) TBN Darling Nikki blush
15) TBN pearl blue sky crushpot
16) TBN shazam! Crushpot
17) TBN tempting taupe crushpot
18) TBN Siren crushpot
19) two empty pigment jars
20) six pigment jar sifters

So now as far as packaging goes I loved it. It came in a thick bubble wrap envelope and all the pigments were wrapped up really nicely together so there was no spillage, no broken jars and no broken crushpots:)

The color payout for everything is pretty amazing:) the only complaint I have with the crushpots is that they smell very strong like the mixing medium used which I personally don't like the smell and for a few of them the color payout wasn't as great as the pigments which I can understand because there's a difference
Other than that I LOVED everything and she also gave me a free sample of their lip luster in the color fairy kissed plus a coupon code for a future purchase to receive 20% off.

Thank you thebodyneeds!!:)

Monday, September 2, 2013


Hello lovelies :)
So its been a while since I've done a new post so let me post a haul:) its been a couple hauls but I will post them all together. And write the list of each product

So from ULTA I got:
1) real techniques blush brush
2) nyx orange soda lipstick

From MAC I got:
1) two large empty pro palettes
2) falselashes mascara in extreme black
3) cremesheen lipstick in pure zen
4) 217 blending brush
5) paint pot in painterly
6) lustreglass in sinnamon
7) sculpting powder

From SEPHORA I got:
1) Anastasia brow powder compact in caramel
2) Anastasia dual ended brow brush
3) benefits they're real mascara
4) versace bright crystal rollerball
5) urban decay naked skin liquid foundation shade 3
6) urban decay naked skin pressed powder in medium

1) nike free 5.0

1) peanut clipper/trimmers
2) a bunch of nail files
3) acrylic and the liquid for acrylic
4) fingerpaints nail polish
5) china glaze polish
6) beauty secrets brushes

So that's all the hauls for now
I will be doing a haul/review from thebodyneeds.com :)
Stay tuned, remember to subscribe and stay beautiful:)

Disclaimer all products were purchased over a period of a few months with my money (: any questions just comment below

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time for some makeup looks (:

Hello darlings so I just wanted to post some makeup looks. I will continue to post more. I am trying to build my portfolio (:
Any thoughts on my pictures? Let me know

P.s. ignore my eyebrows:)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Nail art is back in;)

So dolls Nail art is definitely back in and I have seen some beautiful Nail art done by people and I decided to join in and show some of my artistic talent too:)

Show me what you dolls have done :)
Hope you guys like mine

Monday, July 8, 2013

Attention dolls! Oxygen pur = must have

So I received a full size sample of oxygen pur's oxygen serum and let me start off by saying wow!
I usually follow a very strict nighttime and daytime skin care routine and my face feels clean or whatever but when I started to use this I noticed a huge difference!! 
My face feels very refreshed and I feel like a blast of energy under my skin idk how to explain it correctly but I do love this product.
I am very grateful I was able to receive this product and really see how amazing some products are!

Here are some benefits the product has:

• Optimizes cell repair
• Promotes cell renewal and healthier skin 
• Stimulates collagen production 
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines, crow's feet, wrinkles, dryness, enlarged pores, age spots, uneven texture, and saggy, blotchy, pigmented skin 
• Stimulates elastin production 
• Plumps up facial skin from the inside out
• Rejuvenates and visibly firms skin for a more youthful looking, glowing appearance
• Reduces the effects of free radical damage from the environment/foods 
• Increases blood flow improving vasodilation (widening of blood vessels from relaxation of smooth muscle 
   cells in vessel walls), increasing blood flow in the body to tissues that need it most
• Reduces the effects of sun exposure and pollution 
• Rapidly absorbed and non-greasy 

Honestly dolls this is a must have product for any makeup artist or anybody period you will definitely notice a change in your skin and you won't want to stop using this product!
Thank you oxygen pur!!

Here is a link to their website dolls!

Disclaimer: product was given to me for free by the company for reviewing purposes.
I did not pay for this product. I am not getting paid for my opinion or sponsored, all opinions are my own! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

GIVEAWAY TIME!!! :) (closed)

Hello darlings.

So it's about time to host a giveaway!! 
The lovely ladies from Peach&Lily is the one sponsoring the giveaway. I am so glad to be able to do this review/giveaway. 

So I received the products and let me tell you I loved each and every one of them! I received two of their eyeliners and I am truly impressed I also received face cleanser samples and a box of collagen. I love the eyeliners, they don't smear or run and the color payout is amazing. I highly recommend the peach and lily eyeliners if you want them to last all day and truly make a fashion statement. 
Thank you guys so much at Peach and Lily! I really love all the products you sent me! :)

So now time for the giveaway...so I will be giving away a mini packet that peach and lily sent that has a few samples, and as a bonus to make it more fun I will send a few eyeshadows that I make and a makeup brush. 

And for part two of the giveaway I'm giving away body lotion and perfume and one of the eyeshadows I make :)

1) must subscribe to my blog or become a follower of the blog
2) must comment on why they would like to win the prizes 
 That simple! :) so let the contest begin there will be two winners good luck!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Hempz review

Hi dolls!

So I received a package with products from Hempz! I got so many goodies! I got body butters, moisturizers, lotion, bronzers, tanning lotions and hair products!

I love them! they smell so good, they're natural and they leave my body feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. I love the body butter and the volume shampoo/conditioner! I love any type of volume I can get in my hair and this shampoo/conditioner really does the job!

I am so glad I was able to receive products for review, they were so sweet about it. I especially want to thank Keisha Cole! She is the one who was emailing me back and who sent out the samples. Thank you Keisha for this amazing opportunity I really appreciate it and I love the products so much!

Clinical care skin solutions review

Hello dolls!

So I am very very pleased to be writing this review today! I received two starter kits from this company for my acne and I am in love with it! I found my new love<3

I have been breaking out so badly and I needed something to get rid of them fast well that's when this beautiful company came into my life and changed so much.

From the first use I honestly noticed and felt a difference in my skin. A big change was happening! I've been using it faithfully everyday twice a day like the instructions they gave me said and my acne is starting to disappear! I am so happy because they were such stubborn little pimples!

I want to thank Lauren MacDonald for sending me the samples and being such an amazing person and I want to thank everyone at clinical care and especially the founder of the company. You guys are truly the best, you have honestly changed my life because I was so self conscious about my acne and now, I am showing off my good results to all my friends and family and even clients in the salon and talking about your company! I am planning on flying out to Tulsa just to pay you guys a visit and buy products!

Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Product club review

Hey dolls I received a nice little package today in the mail. Well actually the box was huge lol. And inside was nice goodies for me!

I got quite a few things and I am so excited to try them out on my clients hair soon!

Here's what I received: 1) disposable vinyl gloves (2 packs)
2) disposable apron
3) disposable cape
4) disposable eyeglass guards
5) thermal color wraps
6) highlighting paper wraps
7) no slip embossed colored foil
8) box of 50 pre-cut silver foil sheets

I was not expecting so many samples! When I saw the box I was like woah! Did I order something and not remember? Well I love the products and can't wait to try them. I always see them at Sally's or in salons and now I can finally try the products!

Thank you product club! :)

Skyn Iceland review

Hello dolls!

So i was lucky enough to receive free samples from skyn Iceland and I am so happy to be reviewing about their products. They sent me really cute sample size jars with product and I actually don't have to use a lot for them to work. I love them so much!

They smell good, they leave my skin smooth, refreshed and just clean all together. I have been experiencing break outs lately so skin care products have been my friend. I love these and I can honestly say they're worth the price you get a good amount and the customer service at the company is out of this world outstanding they're so nice and even wrote me a thank you letter.

Guys go try their products you won't regret it!

Thank you skyn Iceland! :)

Free redken at ulta

Hello everyone

So ulta was giving away free samples of the new Redken, control addict 28 hold hairspray.

The little travel size bottle retails at 7.50 at their store but they were absolutely free while supplies last. I managed to pick up 2 luckily. :) I love love love this spray it really does the job and holds perfectly without making it feel all hard and nasty.

Must say I recommend this spray!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

DermOrganic review

Hello dolls! So I was recently given an amazing opportunity to try some products from a company called DermOrganic and let me tell you I love them! I two sample types, one for skin and the other for hair. The hair kit comes with daily conditioning shampoo, intensive hair repair masque, and a leave in treatment. The skin kit comes with soap less facial cleanser, facial moisturizer and hand and body moisture lotion.

Here is my review. I love the skin care products so much, the hand and body lotion works wonders it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and moisturized and not so chapped looking. I hate the winter because of the way it makes my hands look plus I wash hair a lot in the salon so my hands are always super dry. I would always use scented lotion which would irritate it more but this one works wonders! I've also used the facial cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean!

The hair products are phenomenal! The shampoo would have you thinking twice about if you're sure it's a shampoo and not a conditioner, it leaves the hair feeling so soft and shiny that you would think its a conditioner. The leave in treatment is like a Moroccan oil type of thing and it leaves my curly hair soft and manageable.

Another plus about the products, besides being amazing, is that they are vegan, cruelty free(no animal testing), oil free, paraben free, and pH balanced

Beauty lovers I definitely recommend this company! They're great and their customer service is amazing they're so sweet.

Thank you DermOrganic for the amazing opportunity. I am grateful for the chance to review your products. I will definitely tell all my friends and family and clients about your company.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The body needs review

Hello everyone

Well my review for this blog is for the body needs. It is an online site that sells eyeshadow, blush, glitter and Mac samples. I love this company I have purchased a few products from them but they have also given me some samples of the pigments they make and the glitter. I love them! They have such an amazing color payout and they are so pigmented, last long and the even better thing is that they are super super cheap! I recommend this company!

Grandelash MD review

Hello dolls!

I am super super excited to write this blog post. This is a review on the company grande lash md.

Well they have blessed me with a sample of their lash formula and their mascara. I got the kit they sent me like a few days ago and I was just expecting some small samples but I was impressed with the package size and what I saw when I opened it. They gave me a beautiful little kit. It has a pink makeup bag with a bow, information packets on all their products, beautiful pink eyelash curlers, a full size mascara sample and a full sized lash formula. I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw the stuff. I cannot wait to see the results of my lashes after using their product.

I am going to start using it today and I will write a review soon to talk about my experience. I definitely loved their customer service they were so sweet and helpful and were quick to respond.

Thank you so much Alicia grande and everyone else working at grande lash md! You guys are amazing.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dermalogica Product Review

Hello dolls!

So I have a review on Dermalogica. It is a skin care company, and I am honored to have received samples from them. They sent me a cute little envelope filled with some of their products for me to test out.

So I will post a picture of them and here goes my review. Well this company has very good customer service, they were sweet and responded to my questions and emails right away, they didn't give an attitude which is a plus and I would love to be an affiliate one day for their company.

Well I recently started using the daily microfoliant sample they sent and I have noticed a pretty big difference in my skin, it feels smoother and cleaner and I just love it! I'm thinking of getting e full sized bottles of their products.

All I have to say is definitely try out their products you won't regret it! They have awesome customer service. Thank you Dermalogica! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CCO haul

Hello beauty lovers!

So I finally had the opportunity to visit the cosmetic company outlet (Cco) recently & boy was it amazing. I kept reading all these reviews about how sometimes the workers are rude, or there's always a crowd to try to see the cosmetics. But that was not the case for my visit, when I went it was empty literally just one other person in there which was great. The employees were so friendly and helpful they didn't stalk me around the store or give attitudes,

I didn't get many things but what I did get I fell in love with, I want to go back to get the other things that I saw and wanted. What I got was a gift so I didn't wanna go overboard and push it.

Everything I got was Mac except for one thing, here is the list:
1) Mac lustre lipstick in Naturally Eccentric
2) Mac lipglass lipgloss in Easy Lounger
3) Mac big bounce eyeshadow in Up The Ante!
4) Mac pigment in Aurora
5) Clinique almost powder makeup foundation in 03 light

Amazing products, they all came out to a total of $72

So it was a great bargain that's for sure, I can't wait to go back and do another haul.

Elf haul/Review

Hello beauty lovers!
So I was given a gift from my mother, it was a mini online shopping spree to elf cosmetics.
So I did a mini haul and I will be writing my review on their products.

Elf as you know is a pretty popular cosmetic company, they have very good makeup and tools for reasonable prices. So I got quite a few things from there, here is my list:

1) zit zapper
2) lip plumping gloss in the color Oasis
3) mineral eyeshadow in the color Beachy & Dreamy
4) dual pencil sharpener
5) glossy gloss in the color Sweet Salmon
6) lip exfoliator
7) 3-in-1 mascara
8) makeup remover pen
9) eyelash curler & a pack of replacement pads
10) disposable mascara and lip gloss wands
11) eyebrow stencil kit
12) jumbo shadow stick in CheckMe Out & Like A Boss
13) eye smudge sponge
14) 12 piece brush set

So sounds like a lot and like my total should've been sky high right? Wrong I got 10 of the items free and the brush set was originally $30, I paid $2.13 for it. I ordered right when they had a huge sale going on and they were sending emails to those who sign up to receive 10 free dollar items or $15 worth of refresh products for free. :) so I did extreme bargaining I think my total was only $35.

My review for this company is that the products are very pigmented, they work well I really don't have a problem with them & the customer service from E.L.F is the best I have EVER encountered! I love this company and will definitely bring my business back and get others to shop there too.

AMAZING! Check them out. Tell me what you think!

*all opinions in this blog are my own honest opinions, I'm not sponsored by the company & I'm not being paid or given free stuff just to write this blog.*

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My review for hair chalking

Hello beauty lovers!

So I received four free samples from an awesome company for hair chalk. I got hot pink, red, purple and blue. Let me tell you these things are so amazing! They temporarily color your hair and you lock the color in with hairspray or with a flat iron. I love them so much. I tried the red one on my bangs just the ends of them and I got so many compliments.

I honestly say you guys should try them. They're worth the $15.99 especially because they last long, come in a cute little compact, the shipping is super fast and you can change your look in a split second and not worry about damaging your hair every time you want to change the color.

The website is haircolorchalk.com
Take a chance, try them out you won't regret it :)

Here's a few pictures of the colors I got. And an idea of how to do it. Enjoy!

Monday, January 7, 2013

good deals to check out

Hello beauty lovers!
I have good news, there are two links i will share with you all to get discount beauty products and free samples.

The first one is E.L.F. for all of you that are new to beauty that is eyes lips face. Well if you go to their website and sign up for the email list you get 10% off your purchase and 10 free dollar products with your purchase of 20$` it is worth it if you want to get a few things for your makeup kit. So the website is eyeslipsface.com definitely visit to get some good products to build your kit.

Another site is freeflys.com I'm sure some of you heard about it. You can get free samples mailed to your door. Well I've been doing it for quite some time and so far got good things like deorderant, perfume sample, bb cream, lotion, dog treats for my dog, lip gloss, and much more. Everyday you get an email for free stuff. So Join now and start getting free stuff :)

Enjoy your day:)