Friday, September 6, 2013

The body needs haul

Hi dolls so I recently ordered from and I got my order in super super quick I wanna say it was within five days. Well I ordered stuff because I had received samples before from the company and immediately fell in love plus they have samples of mac lipsticks, pigments, etc. And when I ordered they had a 30% off coupon plus a clearance section:)

Here's what I ordered:
1) mac melon pigment sample
2) mac naked pigment sample
3) TBN shazam! Pigment
4) TBN jungle boogie pigment
5) TBN cherry me? Pigment
6) TBN pearl blue sky pigment
7) TBN sins of the strawberry pigment
8) TBN rock star glitter
9) TBN matte violet pigment
10) TBN Persian dreams glitter
11) TBN prosperity pigment
12) TBN clubbin glitter
13) TBN neon lime glitter
14) TBN Darling Nikki blush
15) TBN pearl blue sky crushpot
16) TBN shazam! Crushpot
17) TBN tempting taupe crushpot
18) TBN Siren crushpot
19) two empty pigment jars
20) six pigment jar sifters

So now as far as packaging goes I loved it. It came in a thick bubble wrap envelope and all the pigments were wrapped up really nicely together so there was no spillage, no broken jars and no broken crushpots:)

The color payout for everything is pretty amazing:) the only complaint I have with the crushpots is that they smell very strong like the mixing medium used which I personally don't like the smell and for a few of them the color payout wasn't as great as the pigments which I can understand because there's a difference
Other than that I LOVED everything and she also gave me a free sample of their lip luster in the color fairy kissed plus a coupon code for a future purchase to receive 20% off.

Thank you thebodyneeds!!:)

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