Saturday, March 16, 2013

DermOrganic review

Hello dolls! So I was recently given an amazing opportunity to try some products from a company called DermOrganic and let me tell you I love them! I two sample types, one for skin and the other for hair. The hair kit comes with daily conditioning shampoo, intensive hair repair masque, and a leave in treatment. The skin kit comes with soap less facial cleanser, facial moisturizer and hand and body moisture lotion.

Here is my review. I love the skin care products so much, the hand and body lotion works wonders it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and moisturized and not so chapped looking. I hate the winter because of the way it makes my hands look plus I wash hair a lot in the salon so my hands are always super dry. I would always use scented lotion which would irritate it more but this one works wonders! I've also used the facial cleanser and it leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean!

The hair products are phenomenal! The shampoo would have you thinking twice about if you're sure it's a shampoo and not a conditioner, it leaves the hair feeling so soft and shiny that you would think its a conditioner. The leave in treatment is like a Moroccan oil type of thing and it leaves my curly hair soft and manageable.

Another plus about the products, besides being amazing, is that they are vegan, cruelty free(no animal testing), oil free, paraben free, and pH balanced

Beauty lovers I definitely recommend this company! They're great and their customer service is amazing they're so sweet.

Thank you DermOrganic for the amazing opportunity. I am grateful for the chance to review your products. I will definitely tell all my friends and family and clients about your company.

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