Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CCO haul

Hello beauty lovers!

So I finally had the opportunity to visit the cosmetic company outlet (Cco) recently & boy was it amazing. I kept reading all these reviews about how sometimes the workers are rude, or there's always a crowd to try to see the cosmetics. But that was not the case for my visit, when I went it was empty literally just one other person in there which was great. The employees were so friendly and helpful they didn't stalk me around the store or give attitudes,

I didn't get many things but what I did get I fell in love with, I want to go back to get the other things that I saw and wanted. What I got was a gift so I didn't wanna go overboard and push it.

Everything I got was Mac except for one thing, here is the list:
1) Mac lustre lipstick in Naturally Eccentric
2) Mac lipglass lipgloss in Easy Lounger
3) Mac big bounce eyeshadow in Up The Ante!
4) Mac pigment in Aurora
5) Clinique almost powder makeup foundation in 03 light

Amazing products, they all came out to a total of $72

So it was a great bargain that's for sure, I can't wait to go back and do another haul.

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