Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hiphopbling.com review

Hello dolls. Hiphopbling.com sent me a Cuban 12mm chain for reviewing purposes. They have all types of cool jewelry. Chains, rings, bracelets, watches. I love their watches and I will order one once I get the chance. Well here is the chain, it took exactly two days to get to me once they shipped it. That's amazing timing! 

The customer service there is great they are friendly and really helpful. 

The chain is plated in 14k gold, the chain is so sturdy and good quality. It is put together so beautifully and as soon as I received it my fiancĂ©e took it from me and started wearing it! He loves it, it's such a great statement piece for guys or for girls. I will order more for him soon. Thank you Hiphopbling! You guys have amazing products and customer service. I truly am appreciative for everything. I will order soon and use my coupon code. Thank you. 

Www Hiphopbling.com

*disclaimer: I was sent this product for reviewing purposes, in no way am I affiliated or being paid to write this review, all reviews on my blog are my honest opinions I would never advertise or promote something I don't love 100%. Honesty is my policy.

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