Sunday, April 27, 2014

BA star cosmetic review and swatches (NEW 2014 POST)

Hey dolls so I know it has been a very very long time since I have written a review or anything on my blog and I do apologize.

The company I am going to review products for is BA Star Cosmetics. They sent me two palettes and a body glitter for reviewing purposes. Let me start off by saying thank you so much BA Star cosmetics for this amazing opportunity to review your companies products I am truly grateful!

The first palette I am going to review is their Spicy Natural Eye Shadow Palette.
Let me just say now these palettes are definitely worth every penny. They are so beautiful, pigmented and smooth. You honestly do not need a base for these eyeshadows because they are so pigmented and stay nicely even without a base.

I did swatches for both palettes using a base and swatches without a base. I love these palettes and can't wait to do eyeshadow looks with these which I will post on here once I do them.

The Spicy Natural palette is your perfect palette for a smokey eye or even if you want to do some nice neutral eye looks. They have the perfect shades to achieve either look. I love these colors so much. Here are the swatches for the Spicy Natural palette.
(Bottom Row has NYX jumbo pencil in milk as a base)

The second palette I am going to review is their Tropical Eye Shadow Palette. Let me just say OMG I LOVE THIS PALETTE. It has the most beautiful colors in there. When you see the palette you just know that the name for it fits it so beautifully. I love this palette so much and I think this will definitely be my most used palette for fun looks.

Here are swatches with and without a base. I definitely like it more without the base but it also depends which base you are using.

The next pictures are pretty much of the packaging and everything I received. I did not put a swatch of the glitter because it is pretty much a loose holographic glitter that I will be using to do fun creative looks with.

The only thing I did want to say before I end this review is that the brush that comes with the palette is like a dual ended brush, one side has a soft sponge applicator and one is like a little brush. I think some people might like the brush but me personally I would just use it to apply my base. The brush end is a little rough but that is my only thing that I did not like. Otherwise I am truly grateful for everything and I still think the palette is worth every penny.

So check out their page they have so much more products to offer like lip colors, mascara, more glitters, makeup bags, etc. The prices are definitely worth it and I do not think they are overpriced at all. I will be ordering a few products soon off of their site.

Thank you BA Star! =]

*All opinions are my own honest opinions, I am not being paid to review these products. I was sent these products for free for reviewing purposes.*

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