Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 2014 samples part 1

Hey beauty lovers,

May has been a good month as far as freebie hunting. I haven't posted samples in a while but I have been on the hunt for them on websites like Freeflys, target sample, walmart samples, freebie hunter, etc.

Here are some of the samples I received so far but I am still waiting for more.

Here is a list of the samples:
1) miss Jessie's super slip sudsy shampoo and multi cultural curls packets
2) Lipton natural energy tea 
3) garner fructis marvelous oil shampoo conditioner and cream packet
4) breathe right nasal strips (2 packs)
5) tums breathe freshens and chewy delights
6) zarbees seasonal relief two tablet for allergy relief
7) floss tip bristle Colgate toothbrush
8) bio 35 multivitamin 45 tablet bottle
9) oxytrol over active bladder patches
10) neuro sleep drink
11) heliocare tablets
12) Nivea lotion foil packet
13) bio true contact solution
14) crest 3d white strips
15) Atkins diet starter kit

Of course as most samples from companies I got coupons for many of the products since I am into couponing.

I look forward to showing my second part of samples. Stay tuned.

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