Friday, March 22, 2013

Clinical care skin solutions review

Hello dolls!

So I am very very pleased to be writing this review today! I received two starter kits from this company for my acne and I am in love with it! I found my new love<3

I have been breaking out so badly and I needed something to get rid of them fast well that's when this beautiful company came into my life and changed so much.

From the first use I honestly noticed and felt a difference in my skin. A big change was happening! I've been using it faithfully everyday twice a day like the instructions they gave me said and my acne is starting to disappear! I am so happy because they were such stubborn little pimples!

I want to thank Lauren MacDonald for sending me the samples and being such an amazing person and I want to thank everyone at clinical care and especially the founder of the company. You guys are truly the best, you have honestly changed my life because I was so self conscious about my acne and now, I am showing off my good results to all my friends and family and even clients in the salon and talking about your company! I am planning on flying out to Tulsa just to pay you guys a visit and buy products!

Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it!

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  1. Hi Felicia! We are so happy to hear you are getting such great results! Charlotte Bates -President/CEO of Clinical Care Skin Solutions formulated the acne line specially for those of us with acne issues and it will warm her heart to know she's been able to help you!
    Keep up this great blog, we wish you the BEST!
    ~Lauren MacDonald-Director of Education-